Before we were a Design Collective, we were Perfect Pixel – a partnership between Ryan, Louis and Ruby. This partnership was formed and developed during the difficult period of COVID-19. Everyone had their own way of coping through the lockdown, whether it was finding new hobbies, daily exercise, or you might have been bored enough to binge all 19 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy.

We were mad enough to start a business.
We were all committed to having a placement year during our studies to gain valuable experience in the design industry, but COVID-19 drastically limited our options. One of the limited options available was to band together and start a freelance business, finding that experience ourselves.

And so, Perfect Pixel was born.  

Perfect Pixel focused on Branding and Web Design services with Louis and Ruby inBranding and Ryan in Web Design. The experience we gained from Perfect Pixel allowed us to learn how to network, price our work, market, utilise social media for business and more. Fast forward a year and Perfect Pixel was a finalist in Sheffield Hallam’s Enterprise Awards, with Ryan, Louis and Ruby each gaining the experience they were looking for a year prior. The next challenge was completing our studies. 

During final year studies some students became frustrated with the lack of knowledge they had and were being taught about the industry. Often students were asking members of Perfect Pixel for advice on matters like how we found our clients or how we figured out the pricing for projects. This provided a glaring issue that needed to be tackled. Thus, before the end of our final year in university – Perfect Pixel transformed into Studio II to help tackle this problem.

Our Values